Formulated with a unique chain of rust inhibitors.
 Used by Industrial & Institutional customers
 Ideal for Hunters, Shooters, Fisherman, & Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts.
 Also used as a household lubricant.
 Displaces Water “Like Water Off A Duck’s Back”
 Lubricates anything that sticks or squeaks.

Creates a jet action spray that is perfect for cleaning hard to reach dirty parts.

Cleans Action and Trigger Mechanisms without Disassembly

Blast away Dirt, Powder Burns, and Old Oil Residue responsible for the jamming of gun parts.

Rifle  |  Pistol  |  Shotgun

A powerful solvent for cleaning gun bores

Removes Powder Residue, Plastic Wadding, Lead, Copper, and other Non-Ferrous Metals, from the bore of firearms.

For use with a cleaning patch or by soaking.

Muzzle Loader  |  Black Powder

A power solvent, specially formulated to remove black powder and potassium nitrate fouling

Use on bores, breech plug, nipples, and all metal parts of a black powder gun.

For use with a cleaning patch or by soaking.